Terms and conditions for Escape Room Kristiansand

1) Booking cancellation: All bookings can be cancelled up to 12 hours before game start. If you cancel after, you will be billed for your appointment.

2) Follow the rules set fort by the game masters.

3) Do not attempt to break or damage the interior of the room, if it won't move you are not supposed to move it, if it won't come down, it is not supposed to come down. Should you break something in the room due to excessive force, or otherwise disobeyance of the rules - you will be charged.

4) Should something unfortunate occur(room damages from previous appointments, force majeur, flood damage etc.) we reserve the right to cancel your appointment and reschedule up to event start. We will keep you notified as soon as we have more information.

5) We do not allow pets on our premises, please respect this.

6) We require that all mobile phones etc be safely stored in our lockers.

7) Do not be late. If you haven't arrived 15 minutes after booking start we will consider you a "no-show" and cancel your appointment. You will receive a bill through email and through mail.